Pari Staffing is the result of a need.

…a need that the founding members have found unaddressed in their extensive experience as HR personnel in multiple capacities across industry verticals.

…a need that has caused a significant increase in the cost of resources, a significantly higher lead time for resource placement and replacement, and most importantly, a need for the right candidates to be sourced.

…a need for the thus sourced resources to be retained, motivated, and developed over time to ensure maximum ROI and minimum attrition.

Our cumulative experience in getting the show on the road just between the founding members well exceeds a century of man-years and by combining this expertise, a clear vision and a strong perspective on the values and standards that a corporation needs to implement in its People Function initiatives, we have founded the concept of Pari Staffing HR.

At Pari Staffing we believe that when it comes to effectively install, manage and enhance a people function practice in an organisation, one needs a crystalline image – and as the laws of physics tell us time and again, it’s a point-source-light that offers the most clear, focussed and in-depth image whether it comes to perception or reality.







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