If you are a small or medium sized enterprise, usually access to experienced people function resources can get a little troublesome. At Pari Staffing, we extend our consulting services to include aspects such as

  • Core HR functions
  • Training and Resource Management
  • Payroll

In addition to offering holistic managed services, depending on your individual requirements, we have flexible engagement models where you can decide the scope and nature of the functions you hand over to us, and how you would like the deliveries to be made – whether it is

  • A purely external managed services solution where our teams function out of a remote office while being hands on with the functions they perform. Here the cost of service is kept lowest as there are few or no resources at your location.
  • A semi-external model where the critical functions are executed by on-site personnel, while the remote office discharges the rest of the functions. Here we let you be in the driver’s seat and choose the most appropriate, effective and cost-efficient engagement model.
  • A dedicated HR team at each of your locations, where you have exclusive and hands-on personnel discharging each of your People Functions.